How Autorek Processes Billions of Daily Transactions

How Autorek Processes Billions of Daily Transactions

Fundingo's loan servicing software, Autorek, processes billions of daily transactions with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Autorek's innovative technology platform is designed to handle the high volume of transactions associated with loan servicing, including:

  • Loan payments: Autorek processes loan payments from borrowers on time and in full. The system automates the posting of payments to the correct loan accounts and calculates interest and principal balances.
  • Escrow payments: Autorek processes escrow payments for property taxes, insurance, and other expenses. The system tracks escrow balances and ensures that payments are made on time.
  • Late payments: Autorek identifies late payments and initiates the appropriate collection procedures. The system tracks late payment history and helps servicers stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Foreclosures: Autorek tracks foreclosure proceedings and helps servicers manage the foreclosure process. The system provides servicers with the information they need to make informed decisions about foreclosure actions.



如果您正在寻找一种强大且可扩展的贷款服务解决方案,Autorek就是您的理想选择。请拨打免费电话(877) 227-7271安排演示,或访问Fundingo.com了解更多信息。


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