Mastercard and Remitly Collaborate to Enhance Cross-Border Payment Accessibility

Mastercard and Remitly Collaborate to Enhance Cross-Border Payment Accessibility

Mastercard and Remitly have joined forces to revolutionize cross-border payments, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide. This strategic alliance aims to enhance accessibility, affordability, and convenience in global money transfers.

By leveraging Mastercard's extensive network and Remitly's digital platform, the partnership will create a seamless and secure ecosystem for cross-border payments. Mastercard's global reach and advanced payment technologies will facilitate faster and more reliable transactions, while Remitly's expertise in digital remittances will simplify the user experience and reduce costs.

This collaboration aligns with Mastercard's commitment to driving financial inclusion and Mastercard Send, its cross-border payment platform. By integrating Mastercard Send with Remitly's network, the partnership will expand the reach of Mastercard's payment services to millions of Remitly customers, enabling them to send and receive funds easily and efficiently.

The partnership will also benefit businesses of all sizes, facilitating international trade and e-commerce transactions. Businesses can leverage Mastercard's secure payment gateway and Remitly's global network to make and receive payments across borders with confidence and reduced costs.

Mastercard and Remitly share a vision of a world where cross-border payments are as simple and accessible as domestic transactions. This strategic alliance represents a significant step towards achieving this vision, creating a more inclusive and interconnected global economy.

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