Turkish Invoice Financing Platform Figopara Boosts International Growth with Provenir's Risk Decisioning Capabilities

Turkish Invoice Financing Platform Figopara Boosts International Growth with Provenir's Risk Decisioning Capabilities


Loan origination and servicing software systems are integral to the modern financial landscape, empowering lenders with the tools they need to streamline their operations, enhance risk management, and drive growth. In the realm of invoice financing, Turkish platform Figopara has emerged as a leader, and its recent partnership with Provenir has amplified its international expansion efforts.

Figopara's Rise and International Ambitions

Founded in 2016, Figopara has rapidly ascended within the Turkish invoice financing market. Recognizing the global potential of its offering, the company set its sights on international expansion, targeting markets ripe for disruption.

Provenir's Risk Decisioning Expertise

Provenir, a global provider of risk decisioning solutions, has long been a trusted partner for financial institutions seeking to enhance their risk management capabilities. Provenir's AI-powered platform provides lenders with real-time insights into customer risk profiles, enabling them to make informed lending decisions and mitigate potential losses.

The Partnership and Its Benefits

Figopara's partnership with Provenir has been a transformative event. By integrating Provenir's risk decisioning capabilities into its platform, Figopara can now:

  • Accelerate loan approvals: Automated risk assessments enable faster and more efficient loan approvals, reducing processing times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance risk management: Provenir's AI-driven insights help Figopara identify and mitigate potential risks, reducing defaults and improving portfolio quality.
  • Expand internationally with confidence: Provenir's global expertise and local market knowledge empower Figopara to confidently expand into new territories, tailoring its offerings to specific market needs.

Tangible Results and Future Prospects

The Figopara-Provenir partnership has already yielded tangible results. Figopara has experienced a significant increase in loan volume, reduced delinquencies, and expanded its international footprint. The company is well-positioned for continued growth, leveraging Provenir's risk decisioning capabilities to drive its global expansion and empower businesses worldwide.


The partnership between Figopara and Provenir exemplifies the transformative power of loan management and servicing software systems. By embracing innovation and partnering with industry leaders, financial institutions can unlock new opportunities, mitigate risks, and drive growth.

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