Alipay+ Collaborates with LankaPay to Enhance Digital Travel Experience

Alipay+ Collaborates with LankaPay to Enhance Digital Travel Experience

Alipay+, a leading global payments platform, has partnered with LankaPay, Sri Lanka's national payment network, to provide a seamless digital payment experience for Chinese tourists visiting the island nation.

Benefits of the Collaboration

This collaboration offers numerous benefits to Chinese travelers:

  • Convenient Transactions: Alipay+'s extensive network of acceptance points across Sri Lanka allows tourists to make payments easily using their Alipay app scanner or QR code.
  • Real-Time Currency Exchange: The integration with LankaPay enables real-time currency exchange, ensuring that Chinese tourists get the best rates without any hidden charges.
  • Secure and Reliable: Alipay+'s robust security measures and LankaPay's proven track record ensure secure and reliable transactions, providing peace of mind to travelers.

Enhanced Travel Experience

The Alipay+ and LankaPay partnership simplifies the payment process for Chinese tourists, eliminating the hassle of carrying cash or exchanging currency. This provides:

  • Time Savings: Tourists no longer have to spend time searching for ATMs or currency exchange booths, allowing them to focus on enjoying their trip.
  • Improved Convenience: The ability to pay digitally reduces the need for physical wallets or cards, providing greater convenience and security.
  • Cultural Immersion: The integration of Alipay+ into the Sri Lankan payment ecosystem allows Chinese tourists to interact more easily with local businesses and experience the authentic culture.

Opportunities for Businesses

The partnership also presents opportunities for Sri Lankan businesses:

  • Increased Revenue: Accepting Alipay+ allows businesses to tap into the vast Chinese tourism market, potentially increasing their revenue.
  • Improved Customer Service: Offering Alipay+ as a payment option enhances the customer experience for Chinese tourists, leading to increased loyalty and repeat visits.
  • Digital Transformation: Integrating Alipay+ into their payment systems enables businesses to embrace digital transformation and meet the evolving needs of modern consumers.


The collaboration between Alipay+ and LankaPay is a testament to the growing importance of digital payments in the travel industry. By providing a seamless and secure payment experience, this partnership enhances the digital travel experience for Chinese tourists while also benefiting Sri Lankan businesses.

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