Payhawk and Wise Platform Partner to Offer International Payments in 50 Currencies

Payhawk and Wise Platform Partner to Offer International Payments in 50 Currencies

Revolutionizing International Payments for Businesses

The partnership between Payhawk and Wise Platform marks a significant milestone in the world of international payments. Businesses can now effortlessly make and receive payments in 50 currencies, unlocking a world of opportunities for global expansion and seamless cross-border transactions.

Streamlined Foreign Exchange

Payhawk's integration with Wise Platform provides businesses with real-time currency conversion at wholesale rates, eliminating the hidden fees and unfavorable exchange rates often associated with international payments. This transparency and cost-effectiveness empower businesses to maximize their bottom line and optimize their financial operations.

Increased Efficiency and Control

The collaboration enhances efficiency by automating foreign exchange calculations and providing a centralized platform for managing all international payments. This streamlines workflows, reduces manual errors, and gives businesses greater control over their financial operations.

Expanding Global Reach

With access to 50 currencies, businesses can now confidently tap into new markets and establish global partnerships. The flexibility to transact in diverse currencies eliminates barriers to entry and facilitates the seamless expansion of operations abroad.

Embracing Innovation

The partnership between Payhawk and Wise Platform is a testament to the power of innovation within the fintech industry. By combining their expertise, these companies have created a robust solution that addresses the evolving needs of businesses operating in a globalized economy.


The partnership between Payhawk and Wise Platform is a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline international payments and expand their global footprint. By leveraging the benefits of automated currency conversion, reduced costs, and increased efficiency, businesses can now navigate cross-border transactions with confidence and efficiency.

To learn more about how Payhawk and Wise Platform can revolutionize your international payments, schedule a demo today by calling toll-free at (877) 227-7271 or visit


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