PriceHubble Solidifies European Leadership with Acquisition of WhenFresh in the UK (2023)

PriceHubble Solidifies European Leadership with Acquisition of WhenFresh in the UK (2023)

In a strategic move to solidify its European leadership, PriceHubble has acquired WhenFresh, a leading UK-based provider of real estate data and analytics. This acquisition further strengthens PriceHubble's position as the most comprehensive source of property insights in Europe.

The acquisition brings together two complementary sets of expertise. PriceHubble is a leading provider of automated valuation models (AVMs), data products, and advisory services. WhenFresh is renowned for its granular and timely data on the UK residential property market.

By combining these capabilities, PriceHubble will be able to offer:

  • Enhanced data coverage: WhenFresh's data on the UK market will significantly expand PriceHubble's geographic reach and granularity.
  • Improved data quality: WhenFresh's data collection and processing capabilities will further enhance the accuracy and reliability of PriceHubble's insights.
  • New product offerings: The acquisition will enable PriceHubble to develop new products and services that leverage the combined capabilities of both companies.

This acquisition is a testament to PriceHubble's commitment to providing the most comprehensive and reliable property insights to its customers. With WhenFresh's expertise, PriceHubble is well-positioned to continue its growth and innovation in the European property market.

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