BankProv Collaborates with Cable to Enhance Financial Crime Prevention in 2023

BankProv Collaborates with Cable to Enhance Financial Crime Prevention in 2023

Loan servicing software has become an essential tool for banks and other financial institutions to manage their loan portfolios effectively. In today's increasingly complex regulatory environment, banks are facing growing pressure to implement robust financial crime prevention measures. BankProv, a leading regional bank in the Northeast, is partnering with Cable, a provider of innovative financial crime prevention solutions, to enhance its anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) capabilities.

BankProv's collaboration with Cable will enable the bank to leverage Cable's advanced technology and expertise to identify and mitigate financial crime risks more effectively. Cable's platform provides comprehensive AML and KYC screening, transaction monitoring, and risk assessment capabilities, helping BankProv to meet its regulatory obligations more efficiently.

By implementing Cable's solutions, BankProv will be able to enhance its customer due diligence procedures, better identify and manage high-risk accounts, and improve its compliance with AML and KYC regulations. The bank will also benefit from Cable's continuous monitoring and risk assessment capabilities, which will enable it to stay ahead of emerging financial crime threats and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.

BankProv's partnership with Cable is a testament to the bank's commitment to providing its customers with a secure and compliant banking experience. By investing in advanced financial crime prevention technology, BankProv is demonstrating its commitment to safeguarding its customers' financial assets and protecting the integrity of the financial system.

If you are looking to enhance your bank's financial crime prevention capabilities, we encourage you to schedule a demo of Cable's solutions by calling toll-free at (877) 227-7271 or by visiting


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