BBVA Spark Supports Twinco Capital with €50M Debt Facility in 2023

BBVA Spark Supports Twinco Capital with €50M Debt Facility in 2023

Loan origination and servicing software empowers financial institutions to streamline operations and enhance growth.

BBVA, a leading global financial services provider, has extended a €50 million debt facility to Twinco Capital, a pan-European alternative investment manager focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This facility will support Twinco Capital's continued growth and expansion in the SME lending market.

The debt facility will provide Twinco Capital with the necessary capital to originate and acquire loans to SMEs across Europe. BBVA's support underscores the growing importance of alternative lenders in the SME financing landscape and the role of technology in driving efficiency and growth in the industry.

"We are pleased to support Twinco Capital with this debt facility," said Ricardo Laiseca, Head of Loan Syndications at BBVA. "Twinco Capital has a strong track record of supporting SMEs and a deep understanding of the market. This facility will enable them to continue to provide much-needed financing to businesses across Europe."

Twinco Capital's innovative approach to SME lending leverages data and technology to streamline the loan origination and servicing process. The company's proprietary technology platform enables it to assess creditworthiness quickly and accurately, reducing the time and cost of loan approval.

"This debt facility from BBVA is a significant milestone for Twinco Capital," said Guillaume de Vallois, CEO of Twinco Capital. "It will allow us to accelerate our growth and continue to provide innovative financing solutions to SMEs across Europe."

By leveraging loan origination and servicing software, financial institutions can:

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