Sean Ringsted of Chubb and Balázs Gáti of Revolut Discuss Collaboration in Insurtech Magazine (2023)

Sean Ringsted of Chubb and Balázs Gáti of Revolut Discuss Collaboration in Insurtech Magazine (2023)

In a recent interview with Insurtech Magazine, Sean Ringsted, SVP, Chubb Studio, and Balázs Gáti, Head of Insurance, Revolut, discussed the importance of collaboration in the insurtech industry. Both executives shared their insights on how collaboration can help insurers innovate, improve customer experience, and reduce costs.

Ringsted believes that collaboration is essential for insurers to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing insurance landscape. "The insurance industry is facing a number of challenges, including the rise of new technologies, the changing needs of customers, and the increasing competition from new entrants," he said. "Collaboration can help insurers address these challenges and seize new opportunities."

Gáti agrees that collaboration is key to success in the insurtech industry. "Revolut is a technology company that is disrupting the financial services industry," he said. "We believe that collaboration with insurers can help us bring new products and services to market faster and more efficiently."

Ringsted and Gáti discussed a number of specific examples of how collaboration can benefit insurers. For example, they said that collaboration can help insurers:

  • Develop new products and services that meet the needs of customers
  • Improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to buy and manage insurance
  • Reduce costs by streamlining operations and leveraging economies of scale

The executives also discussed the challenges of collaboration. They said that it can be difficult to find the right partners, and that it can take time to build trust and establish effective working relationships. However, they believe that the benefits of collaboration outweigh the challenges.

"Collaboration is not easy," said Ringsted. "But it is essential for insurers who want to succeed in the future."

"We believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of insurtech," said Gáti.

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