Shift4's Acquisition of Finaro: Fueling European Expansion & Boosting eCommerce Capabilities in 2023

Shift4's Acquisition of Finaro: A Catalyst for European Expansion and Enhanced eCommerce Capabilities

In a bold move that signals its commitment to global growth and technological prowess, Shift4 has acquired Finaro, a leading loan management and origination software provider based in Europe. This strategic acquisition is poised to fuel Shift4's European expansion and significantly boost its eCommerce capabilities in 2023 and beyond.

European Expansion: A Strategic Leap

The acquisition of Finaro grants Shift4 a substantial foothold in the European market, opening up new avenues for growth and strengthening its presence in a region ripe with opportunities. Finaro's established customer base, deep industry expertise, and cutting-edge loan management technology will be invaluable assets as Shift4 expands its reach across Europe.

Enhanced eCommerce Capabilities: Driving Innovation

Finaro's robust loan management platform seamlessly integrates with Shift4's existing eCommerce solutions, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to enable merchants to streamline their loan origination and management processes. This integration empowers businesses to offer tailored financing options, optimize conversion rates, and enhance customer satisfaction.

A Catalyst for Innovation: Shaping the Future

The acquisition of Finaro represents a major step forward in Shift4's ongoing mission to revolutionize the payments and commerce landscape. By combining its proven expertise in payment processing with Finaro's loan management capabilities, Shift4 will drive innovation and create next-generation solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.

Unlock Your Potential with Shift4 and Fundingo

Partner with Shift4 and Fundingo to leverage the power of Finaro's loan management software and fuel your business growth. Contact our team at or call (877) 227-7271 today to schedule a no-obligation demo and learn how our solutions can empower your enterprise with tailored financing capabilities and innovative commerce experiences.


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